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Monday, April 26, 2010

How I became an abstract Artist

 I started with figurative art , landscapes,still life and pen &ink drawings in early nineties,Gradually I evolved as an abstract painter.The transformation was so smooth that I was just not aware of it.I made no conscious efforts to become so.It was a natural progression of my whole being
.My spiritual guru blessed me and guided me at every step I took in my life. He has always been there for me at  a metaphysical level.I firmly believe that what I need to know will always be revealed to me and what I  need  will always be provided to me.If you know that you are GOD's child ,you have the Faith.You are always cared for and pampered by His blessings.
Coming back to my creative process,I never plan a painting in advance nor I decide what color to paint with.I pray and pick up what ever color I feel like playing with.I. then go to my new canvas and admire the white space and paint on it.The moment I touch the canvas,I enter into an intense relationship with it.Then I only think  about it,I eat,drink and sleep with it.Me and my canvas are inseparable till I am done with.Every now and then it happens.This is how I live.

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